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IT'S HALLOWEEN! Trick or Treat? 

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United States
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Above pic from a gift art created by :iconshainbow:…

-Name: Zikka Friday
-Age: Early 20's
-Art style: Cartoony, traditional paper and colored pencils
-Other art talents: Writer, actress and singer
-Avatar/persona's general appearence: Short or medium red hair and brown eyes
-IRL appearence: wavy medium brown hair with red lowlights and brown eyes
-BDay: Jan 14th
-Horoscope: Capricorn
-Color: Red
-Gemstone: Garnet
-Flower: Rose
-Season: Autumn
-Likes: Theater, Music, Cirque Du Soleil, romance, Halloween, Foxes, Phoenixes, Mermaids, Fantasy, Magic, Cherry or Cheese flavored foods/sweets/drinks
-Dislikes; Cyber bullying, seeing friends Sad, prejudice, injustice, being stressed out, slasher horrors, coconut, pineapple or vegetable flavored foods/drinks/sweets
-other facts: graduated college with Communications major focusing in Production/Performance/Technology and a minor in Theater, isn't 100% tech savvy unless it's basic Microsoft word, powerpoint, pain tool or basic search on the internet, loves socializing, inspiring and being inspired by artsy friends, is almost heavily inspired mostly by Cirque Du Soleil and Kingdom Hearts.

Creating your Avatar

Mon Oct 5, 2015, 7:44 AM

I just felt like sharing som common sense pointers I usually consider for my characters or helping other people make avatars to represent themselves in social media networks OR a fan character in a fandom for stories or role playing It's mostly common sense, BUT!! It's also good things to keep in mind

1.) WHAT IS THE STORY OR COMMUNITY YOU ARE PARTAKING IN? Is it fantasy/fictional or realistic themed? Remember, you wanna be represented by or create a main "mascot" or avatar for yourself that REPRESENTS YOU while still having enough flexibility to partake in other stories/fandoms. 

2.) WHAT ASPECTS/THEMES/APPEARENCES DO YOU WANT TO INCLUDE? I would recomend keeping a simple, persistant theme....for example, my avatar always revolves aroudn the color RED, since that's my favorite color. I also usually keep the same hair style and color, sometimes only slightly tweaking the bangs or her eyes color from brown (realistic) to red (fantasy, depending whether she's human verses a witch/vampire/etc)

3.) HOW DOES THIS CHARACTER REPRESENT YOU? this may be, keep in mind, a fictional avatar, but they should still posses aspects that represent you. IRL< I have brown hair with Red lowlights and brown eyes, so I SOEMTIMES include this in my avatar. I'm also very quirky and eccentric, so I usually include this aspect in as well. APPEARENCE AND DESIGN DOES NOT ALWAYS EQUAL A GOOD CHARACTER!! Including your own personal aspects into your avatar makes them a legit character and gives them three-dimensional personalities!

4.) DIFFERENTIATE REALITY FROM FANTASY!!! remember, this avatar of yours, no matter how much of yourself you put into them (or not) Is JUST A CHARACTER YOU CREATED!!! It's not YOU per say, and you must be certian to keep that balance between your online fictional role plays and projects and fandoms verses who you really are. 

5.) ACCEPT CRITICISM Not EVERYONE is going to like whichever avatar ot fan characters you create to represent yourself. This is where you're going to have to know how to identify constructive criticism from negative criticism. I was told once that I ALWAYS name all my fan characters after my username, Zikka Friday, and it was getting confusing. I kinda took offense to this then..but now I see they have a point. So now, all to most of my fan characters/personas have different names. I've also tried to tweak their personalities a bit here and there from flirtatious and sassy to quirky and insecure. If soemone says "this is a good character but a, b and c," listen and either let them know "hey, I understand what you're saying, I may just consider that," or you can explain "I thank you for the advice, but the reason my char doesn't A, b or c is becuase of E, f and g" etc. NEGATIVE criticism, such as "wow you're character is SO unoriginal and stupid, I could make a better character then YOU you dumb wannabe fanboy/firl" should go 100% IGNORED> These nagative nancy's/ned's jsut wanna make themselves feel better by berating others, and that doesn't deserve a response.

I know most of this stuff goes without saying, but I felt like getting these thoughts off my mind not jsut for others, but for myself :) Hope you enjoy!

Zikka Friday
Fadom fangirl X3

  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: NMBC Soundtrack
  • Watching: The Cable Guy
  • Playing: Fantasy Life


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